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First Announcement on ARCH’16 Conference



First Announcement on ARCH’16 Conference
Wroclaw, October 5-7, 2016

On behalf of the Organizing Committee we have a great pleasure to inform you that Wroclaw University of Technology is organizing the 8th International Conference on Arch Bridges (ARCH 2016), which will take place in Wroclaw, Poland, on 5th-7th October, 2016 with the general topic: “Arch bridges in culture”.
Following good tradition, high standard and success of the previous seven editions of the ARCH Conference (UK 1995, Italy 1998, France 2001, Spain 2004, Portugal 2007, China 2010 and Croatia 2013) we would like to invite to the upcoming 2016 edition of the ARCH Conference.
The main idea of the cyclic conference ARCH is the international meeting of scientists, experts, designers, contractors and all those who are interested in problems of arch bridge structures aimed at effective exchange of experiences and dissemination of specialist knowledge and information in this field. Considered topics are going to be related to wide range of problems of arch structures, including not only technical issues, but also their presence in common live and in culture. The conference is going to be related to various structures: from historical ones, through those designed and constructed contemporarily, up to the latest and future solutions and concepts.
More detailed information will be available on our website: www.arch16.pwr.edu.pl,www.arch-bridges.com

• Arch bridges in culture and national heritage
• Historical arch bridges and construction techniques
• Theoretical analysis of arch structures
• Experimental studies of arch structures
• Assessment, maintenance & exploitation of arch bridges
• Repair, strengthening & reconstruction of old arch structures
• New materials and techniques applied in construction of arch bridges
• Prof. Charles ABDUNUR (France)
• Prof. Jan BIE. (Poland) -Chairman
• Prof. Jan BILISZCZUK (Poland)
• Prof. Baochun CHEN (China)
• Prof. Matthew GILBERT (UK)
• Prof. Paulo LOURENCO (Portugal)
• Prof. Climent MOLINS (Spain)
• Prof. Yong-Lin PI (Australia)
• Prof. Jure RADI. (Croatia)
• Prof. Enzo SIVIERO (Italy)

Submission of abstracts: 30 September 2015
Acceptance of abstracts: 30 November 2015
Submission of full papers: 29 February 2016
Acceptance of papers: 30 April 2016
Close of early registration: 31 May 2016
The conference venue is going to be in Wroclaw University of Technology Congress Centre located in the university campus – in north-east part of the city (www.pwr.edu.pl).
Wroclaw – the conference city – is the capital of Lower Silesia as well as one of the oldest and the most beautiful places in Poland. The city centre is crossed with an extensive network of the Odra River channels and tributaries making Wroclaw a city of 12 islands and over 300 bridges, including many arch structures (www.wroclaw.pl/en).
Poland – the next country hosting ARCH conference – has long tradition related to arch bridges. Over the whole country one can find many structures of that type including historical masonry arches reaching XIV century, typical solutions made of steel and concrete, as well as modern and spectacular bridges.
Official language of the event, including conference sessions, proceedings as well as the overall organization, will be English.
We will do our best to organize the conference for your scientific and social satisfaction.
Sincerely yours,
Jan Bień
Chairman of the Scientific Committee
Jan Biliszczuk.
Chairman of the Organizing Committee
Pawe Hawryszków
Co-Chairman of the Organizing Committee
Tomasz Kamiński
Co-Chairman of the Organizing Committee
ARCH 2016 Secretariat
Wroclaw University of Technology
27 Wybrze.e Wyspiańskiego St.
Wroclaw 50-370, Poland
Tel: +48 71 320 45 40, 48 71 320 45 62
Fax: +48 71 320 35 45
Email: arch16@pwr.edu.pl
Website: www.arch16.pwr.edu.pl,www.arch-bridges.com

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