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2014 Bridge Trip in China



China has witnessed a significant development in the construction of all types of large-span bridges and extra-long sea crossings over the past decade. Many of them have enjoyed high international prestige. Besides, ancient Chinese bridges are universally acknowledged in the bridge history of both the East and the West.
BRIDGE Publisher (China) is a professional group in bridge industry, aiming at introducing the latest industry news and the advancement of bridge construction in China. Now
2014 Bridge Trip in China is specially organizing for you (see the attached file of trip schedule). You can have chances to visit giant bridges, construction sites and exchange ideas with Chinese professionals and engineers. Additional activities include school and key laboratory visits. Just fill in the following form and send it to international@bridgecn.org before February 24, 2014.
Registration Form:

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Attached file: 
Preliminary Schedule of 2014 Bridge Trip in China
Special Needs & Questions?
Please contact Nessy Liu at the International Liaison Department of BRIDGE Publisher (China).
Tel: 86 10 64285502-506 Fax: 86 10 52214563 or email: international@bridgecn.org
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BRIDGE Publisher (China)
Welcome you to China and appreciate wonderful bridges.


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