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The Sixth International Symposium on Strait Crossings



(Invited reporter Zhong Yuan)The Sixth International Symposium on Strait Crossings took place on 16-19 June 2013 at Radisson Blu Hotel, Bergen, Norway, with the main subject “Strait Crossings –Extreme Crossings and New Technologies” .Besides the plenary sessions, four parallel sessions were also held concerning Bridges, Tunnels, Ferries and Regional Development respectively. The symposium focused on innovative design, construction approaches, new technologies and materials applied in strait crossings. 237 experts and scholars from 26 countries participated in this symposium and discussed about the relevant topics. The symposium was composed of plenary sessions, panel discussions and technical tours. Norwegian experts specifically introduced the E39 Road project in progress from design and construction aspects.
Invited by BRIDGE Magazine, some Chinese experts and scholars from China Railway Group Limited, CCCC First Highway Consults, Research Institute of Highway & Zhejiang University attended this symposium and made professional presentations. The participants also visited the representative bridges and tunnels near Bergen and had communications with symposium exhibitors.

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