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Sixth Symposium on Strait Crossings


Sixth Symposium on Strait Crossings

Extreme Crossings and New Technologies

16 – 19 June 2013
Radisson Blu Royal Hotel Bryggen
Bergen, Norway
Norwegian Public Roads Administration
Straits and sounds, as well as inlets and fjords, are barriers for road and rail transport. These barriers can be overcome using fixed links or ferries. For crossings served by ferries there is often a strong wish for a fixed link replacement. However, more efficient and environment-friendly ferries are being developed in parallel with new and ingenious designs for fixed links.
Strait crossings greatly influence transportation costs. These crossings also impact social development, the environment and total energy consumption, as well as traffic safety outcomes. This symposium intends to cover all these aspects. The on-going project “Coastal Highway Route E39” along the Norwegian west coast illustrates the challenges involved. For further information on the E39 please visit:
Symposium themes : The symposium will focus on connections across wide and deep straits, constructed and operated under extreme conditions with high waves and strong winds and currents.
Ⅰ.Bridges: Conventional bridges (long, slender suspension or cable stayed bridges, etc.) 、Floating bridges 、Combined structures
◆Planning, design, construction, energy consumption, new materials and technology, ultra deep foundations, risk analysis, operation, maintenance
Ⅱ.Tunnels: Submerged floating tunnels 、Immersed tunnels 、Sub-sea rock tunnels
◆Planning, design, construction, energy consumption, instrumentation, fire protection, traffic control, escape routes, risk analysis, operation, maintenance
Ⅲ.Ferries: Ferry types 、Operation (gas, electric, hybrid) 、Terminals
◆Planning, design, construction, propulsion, energy consumption, pollution, regularity, comfort, safety, risk analysis
Ⅳ.Regional development: Improved access
◆Industrial activity, access to markets, employment opportunities, local administration, education and health services, cultural institutions, tourism
Professionals with interests, skills and experience in the planning and execution of structures and solutions for strait crossings using new technology and unconventional materials. The sessions will focus on alternative solutions in order to identify new and environment-friendly ways to bridge extreme crossings. New ideas and concepts will be presented and analysed in workshops chaired by invited experts. 

International Advisory Committee:  
Havard Ostlid, Norway, (Chair)    Youshi Hong, China              Satoshi Kashima, Japan
Leigh Appleyard , Austrailia      Naeem Hussain, Hong Kong       Risto Kiviluoma, Finland
Jonathan Baber, UK             Lars Christian Ingerslev, USA       In-Mo Lee, South Korea
Heinz Erbahr, Switzerland       Svein Erik Jakobsen, Norway        Yoshikazu Ota, Japan
Walter Grantz, USA             Shunji Kanie, Japan                Frederico Perotti, Italy
Lok Home, USA                Casper Paludan-Müller, Denmark    Ilkka Vahaaho, Finland
Yingxin Zhou, Singapore 
Organising Committee:
Olav Egil Ellevset (Chair)        Jan Eirik Henning                  Jan Olav Skogland
Kjell Inge Davik                Bernt Jakobsen                    Lidvard Skorpa
Kjersti Kvalheim               Bjorn Nilsen                       Borre Stensvold
Maorun Feng, China           Tor Ole Olsen                      Lars Toverud
Kaare Flaate                  Birgitte Rodum                     Jinquan Zhang, China
Anker Grovdal                Svein Roed                        Havard Ostlid
Arne Gussias                 Thor Skjeggedal                   Tor Erik Frydenlund (S) 
Programme Committee:
Olav Egil Ellevset (Chair)      Jan Eirik Henning               Jan K.G. Rohde
Bjorn M. Alsaker             Bernt Jakobsen                 Edvard Sandvik
Kristian Berntsen             Sidsel Kalas                    Jorunn Hillestad Sekse
Harald Buvik                 Ian Markey                     Lidvard Skorpa
Kjell Inge Davik              Arild Neby                     Lars Chr. Stendal
Gunnar Djuve               James Odeck                   Johannes Veie
Kaare Flaate                Frode Oset                      Havard Ostlid
Eivind Grov                 Ingvill Osland
Arnulf Martin Hansen       Ragnhild Holen                Tor Erik Frydenlund (S)

Preliminary programme:
16 June 2013
17 June 2013
18 June 2013
19 June 2013
  Lunch Lunch  
Technical visits
and reception
Social event
*The technical programme will include workshops
Key dates
. Abstract submission: 1 November 2012
. Abstract acceptance: 15 January 2013
. Preparation and submission of papers: 31 March 2013
. Paper acceptance: 30 April 2013
. Completion of symposium proceedings: 31 May 2013

 Organising bodies:
The Norwegian Public Roads Administration (NPRA)
Tekna – The Norwegian Society of Graduate Technical and Scientific Professionals
Address: P.O. Box 2312, Solli, N-0201 Oslo, Norge
Email: siri.engen@tekna.no

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