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11th International Conference on Steel, Space & Composite Structures Held at SDUST



(Original:SDUST)The 11th International Conference on Steel, Space and Composite Structures was held on December 13th, 2012 at SDUST’s Qingdao campus.
Among those attending the opening ceremony were participants from countries and regions like the UK, Australia, Japan, Singapore, Egypt, Malaysia, Hongkong, from domestic higher learning and research institutions such as Tongji University, Tianjin University, Fuzhou University, Yantai University, China Architectural Science Institute and some faculty and students of SDUST.
Wang Shaopeng, Vice-President of SDUST welcomed the participants and extended his thanks for those contributed to the convocation of the conference, and he introduced SDUST’s recent developments in research, curricular construction and international exchange.
Liu Wanzhong, Secretary-General of China Steel Construction Society gave a brief presentation of China’s achievements in steel construction with very positive comments on its analytical theories and applications.
Four keynote speeches, 50 session meeting presentations were delivered.
Ren Tingqi, SDUST President met and had informal discussions with the participants, hoping more future exchanges in the subject.

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