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2012 Int'l Base Jump Festival held in China


The 2012 Aizhai Bridge International Base Jump Festival has been held on Aizhai Bridge in Central China’s Hunan province on 16 September.

40 jumpers have taken part in the extreme sport, making the Aizhai Scenic Spot an international tourist destination. According to the rules, the parachutists jump from the Bridge, fall side by side, performing aerial ballet. After landing, they climb back onto the bridge and jump again.

Chinese player Shi Chunyan, from Hunan Province, successfully made the first jump. One of the BASE world’s well-known and inspiring members, Lonnie Bissonette has made his second base jump in a wheelchair. During the event, minority singing and dancing performances and all other cultural activities have also been held.

(Words and pictures are from ENGLISH.CNTV.CN)


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