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Selected Edition of BRIDGE Magazine



Five Years’ Essence — the Selected Edition of BRIDGE Magazine
In the form of three volumes, the selected edition is the quintessence of articles from BRIDGE Magazine in the past five years since it has been created, which includes chapters of engineering thoughts, techniques and culture respectively.
Main content of the first volume is “Focus” and “Figure” which embodies thoughts and ideas of great masters in the industry in the form of thesis interview and records of 14 late great masters manifesting the striving spirit of the bridge experts in the old generation. The second volume gives priority to “Special Column” and “Culture”, covering in-depth reporting and special subjects such as “Bridges across the Yangtze River”, “Bridges across the Yellow River”, “Bridges across the Haihe River”, “Bridges in High Mountains and Gorges”, “IABSE Conference in Shanghai” and “International Bridge Engineering Conference in Hong Kong” etc., and gathering chapters on bridge culture with aesthetic interest, profound philosophy, innovative thinking and national spirit. The third volume takes technology as the principal subject, focusing on connotation of science and technology of the magazine, collecting latest technical researches, views, innovation and key project cases in bridge industry, including the most advanced design, construction and maintenance in China.
One can easily grasp information of the bridge industry with this selected edition in hand. It will lead the readers to apprehend wisdom of great masters, pursue leading technology and appreciate engineering culture.


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