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Series of Featured Video China Bridge


Produced by BRIDGE Magazine, and supervised by the Ministry of Transport of the People’s Republic of China, the series of featured Video China Bridge has been planned since 2007, lasting for three years, covering tens of thousands of kilometers with interview notes of more than 1,6 million words and video recordings of over 12, 000 minutes… It has seized a lot of historical moments, experiences of success and failure of bridge constructers, interviewed the thoughts and inward feelings of numerous bridge academicians and great masters. The film has contributed bridge construction to the nation by generations of Chinese bridge people.
The video has demonstrated the autonomous, self-improving and technological innovation path of Chinese bridge construction under historical changes within the half century; displayed merits and virtues, national spirit and sense of mission of bridging, benefiting people and pursuing excellence, and shown the historical process of China’s moving forward from a great power to a strong power of bridge.
Basic structure: the video is divided into six episodes.
Episode one: Pioneer of Qiantang River Bridge. It mainly presents stories about Mr. Mao Yisheng and the historical process of several constructions and blasting of Qiantang River Bridge in the 1930s. Mr. Mao – a figure with critical significance in Chinese bridge world and Qiantang River Bridge – a bridge representing inception of modern Chinese bridges serve as a prelude of development history of China bridge construction.
Episode two: Crossing Yangtze. It mainly represents construction background and process of Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge and Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge in the 1950s and 1960s, reflecting anticipations and fate of a nation carried by the bridges in those years.
Episode three: Road of Vigorous Development. It mainly describes bridges constructed in the 1980s and 1990s with the representative of the earliest long span cable-stayed bridge – Nanpu Bridge and representative of suspension bridge Humen Bridge as the main story line as well as other bridges in the 1990s. This episode mainly reflects how the autonomous right of bridge construction was retrieved from foreigners and the autonomous construction of long span bridges of Chinese.
Episode four and five: Major Achievements (I, II). It mainly describes important bridges constructed from 1990s to 21st century, mirroring the process in which Chinese bridges conducted technical innovation, learned, followed and caught up with advanced level of world bridges and became a strong power of bridges.
Episode six: Looking forward to the Future. It mainly proposes a new picture of overall achievement and reflection of the future of China bridges from the perspective of world bridge development, entrusting missions to insiders of bridge industry from the development of China bridges, and showing merits, virtues and a sense of mission of the people working in this field.
The video has aroused intense reception from all aspects of the society since it has been broadcast by CCTV. It has walked into souls of hundreds of millions of audiences, and the social value and influence it produced has far surpassed the telefilm itself.

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