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BRIDGE Magazine (China) is a bi-monthly publication issued internationally. The magazine reports design, construction, scientific research, supervision, management and culture of bridgework, reflecting innovation of bridge science and technology and exhibiting aesthetic value of bridge culture.
Focus: In-depth reporting on events worthy of attention and key projects in bridge industry; discussing on hot topics, sensitive issues and forward-looking ideas; special reporting on regional bridges.
Cover Story: introducing the background story of the bridge on each cover.
Important News: Introducing important news that has happened recently in the bridge industry worldwide.
Laws and Regulations: Introducing orders on bridges newly issued by each ministry and information such as policy, standard and specification of design, construction, supervision, detection and maintenance, etc.
Tender Invitation: Publishing information bulletin on tender inviting of bridge design, construction and maintenance.
Supply and Demand: Providing enterprises and relevant units a platform for exchanging product services information.
Trends: New trends and information in bridge industry at home and abroad.
Overseas Frontier: One translation article in each issue which is either a report on overseas bridge construction or an introduction of leading technology.
Technical Study: Through cases to Introduce technical innovation and scientific achievements of bridge.
New Designs: Innovative viewpoints, new achievements of calculating bridge hydrology, water conservancy and new development of bridge design proposed by all kinds of bridge design.
Construction: New process, equipment, technique adopted in bridge construction, and analysis of difficulty in construction.
Engineering Supervisor: Elucidating the role of bridge supervisor in bridge construction.
CT Room for Bridge: Introducing advanced inspection equipment, method, evaluation and analysis of detection data and evaluation of bridge structure.
Management & Maintenance: Embodiment of construction ideas about full life cycle in bridge construction process; management and maintenance system, damage treatment methods and processes after the bridge is completed.
Software World: Introducing utilization and innovation of relevant bridge software.
Technical Standard: Introducing formulation, issuance, modification and content elucidation of relevant technical specification within the industry.
One Featured Bridge Each Issue: Introducing bridges of outstanding status and prominent characteristics in bridge history at home and abroad.
Project Tracking:
Real time tracking and special reporting on certain project.
Key Projects:
Dynamic tracking and reporting on progress of key bridgework under construction.
Equipment: Introducing equipment manufacture and innovation in bridge construction, promotion of construction methods implemented by equipment and development trends of bridge equipment at home and abroad.
Figure: In-depth reporting on great bridge masters with outstanding achievements and lifetime events, professional contribution, spirit and style of bridge predecessors with outstanding contribution.
Bridge Aesthetics: Elucidating basic viewpoints in bridge aesthetics, and probing into the beauty of bridge modeling and landscape from the perspective of aesthetics combining with examples.
Bridge Appreciation: Analyzing and appreciating bridges with characteristics at all times and in all countries.
Bridge Story: Introducing stories of human, culture history and construction background etc.
Bridge Anecdote: Anecdotes, stamps, movies, bridge couplet and essays etc. related to bridge.
Bridge Dictionary: Dictionary of technical terms and concepts in bridge field, offering professional knowledge guidance for new hands and readers interested in bridges.
Photography Works of Bridges: Professional photography works of bridges.
Viewpoints: Providing readers of the industry with a special column for presenting views and discussions.
Editor-reader Communion: Publication excerpts of readers’ letters and communication and interaction between editors and readers.

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