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Bridge Industry Information


Bridge Industry Information is a quarterly magazine staffed with economic information and business strategy for management personnel and experts of engineering systems. It provides a platform for promoting business management philosophy and brands, letting the enterprises interact with engineers and designers.
Column 1 Ranking: Releasing such information data in communication field as ranking of enterprises outputs, bidding information of project, ranking of bridges at home and abroad, mileages of Chinese highway and bridges and so on.
Column 2 Feature: Taking key projects and topics concerned by bridge industry as the theme, and reporting the construction in the view of economy.
Column 3 Interpretation: Inviting leaders, engineering experts, economists, management experts and specification makers of traffic fields to explain the traffic economies, policies, road and bridge specification.
Column 4 Case Studies: Analyzing business management cases in traffic fields
Column 5 Economic Indicators: Analyzing various economic indicators in traffic fields
Column 6 Business Strategy: Interviewing and reporting from the view of business management, and excavating management philosophy, focusing on management knowledge and targeting new trends of enterprise and industrial revolution. The interviewees are middle and senior managers of enterprises.
Column 7 Leader: Interviewing company managers from the view of business management, presenting a story and introducing advanced ideas from multi-levels such as management, culture, talents, innovation and technologies. This column is in forms of Leader Sayings, Leader Sketch and Talking with Leaders.
Column 8 Frontier Information: This is a channel for interviewing talents, introducing design talents and pioneers, who possess advanced innovation and design concept, significant achievement and contributions to bridge design and management.
Column 9 Investment Reference: Providing valuable information on bridge engineering for bridge investors, designers, contractors, material suppliers, etc.
Column 10 Enterprise: Providing enterprises with a platform for communication and promotion. The column mainly presents the latest trends, management news, new measures on financing, HR and institutional changes, milestones and anniversary of bridge enterprises and design companies.

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