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Issue 12



Macroeconomic Situation Intensified Competition in the Industry: The Announcement of Respective Top 60 Chinese Contracts and Engineering Design Enterprises
China Remains to Strengthen its Capacity in the Development of International Contract Market: 2012 Chinese Overseas Contractor Income Ranking
The Concrete Machinery in the Age of the Global Shift to Urban Underground Rail Transit
The Inventory of the World’s Longest Tunnels
Social Capitals Seek Profits from Rail Transit:The Maximum Investment Subway Item (Line 14) in Beijing is upcoming on opening for operation
The Golden Age Setup by Bridges: Bridge Development Promotes Wuhan Economy
Resurfacing the Road Pavement in Upper Deck of Verrazano-Narrows Bridge: A Tender Work awarded to Chinese Enterprises
The Upcoming of World’s Largest Dynamic LED Lights Bridge: San Francisco Bay Bridge in the U.S.
Focus on Construction of the Kafjord Bridge in Norway
When incident occurs, who should be looking for?
-The Operation Experience and Revelation of the U.S. National Transportation Safety Committee and the Structural Safety Management System for Highway and Railway Bridges
Prolongation of of Bridge Service Life and Prevention of Bridge Catastrophic Failures: A Construction Example on Intelligent Control of Prestressing System
Subway Tunnels passing through the Underneath of Overpass Bridge:
The technical management and protection requirements for the construction of new Subway Tunnels passing through the foundations of existing Urban Bridges
The Successful Application of the Initial Usage of the Giant Shield in National Subway Project
The Sino-German development of the world’s unique shield machine in the construction of the Nation’s longest Subway Tunnel crossing underneath the Yangtze River

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