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Issue 8



ENR Top 225 International Contractor Ranking
Review on the 2011 National Transportation Fixed Asset Investment
Down-going Steel Price Accelerates Popularization of Bridge Steel Products
The 2011 Retrospect on Steel Industry  


The 2011 Year-end Inventory of BridgEnterprises
“Unfamiliar” Market of Bridge Materials
The 2011 Great Events (2011) in the Coatings Industry


Win by Equipment: Memo of Steel Cylinder“ZHENFU No. 8” Vibro-Sinking Process in the Lingdingyang -


How to Promote the Core Competences of Bridge Industry---Interview with Mr. H. S.Kwong, a Famous Engineering Expert in Hongkong
Comparative study of Engineering Cost Management between Hong Kong and Mainland China

Case Study

New Construction Method Accelerates Bridge Erection---Application of the Kiloton-class Erecting machine in the Bridge Renovation in the Xiguan Roundabout Island

Investment Reference

Enterprise Dynamic


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