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High Friction Surfacing Reduces Kentucky Site Specific Horizontal Curve Accident Rates by 69%


High Friction Surfacing Reduces Kentucky Site Specific Horizontal Curve Accident Rates by 69%.

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC) is using Interstate Road Management’s High Friction Surfacing Treatment (HFST) to reduce crash rates on horizontal curves.  The KYTC has implemented a three-year statewide safety improvement program using HFST at selected high incident horizontal curve locations to improve pavement friction and reduce roadway departure crashes. 

The first round of results from the KYTC high friction surface treatment has concluded a total crash reduction of 69% from an annual rate of 6.18 to 1.92!


HFST is the leading innovator in application technology for skid resistant surfaces. The IRM HFST process is the world’s only fully automated, continuously applied, truck mounted system. The HFST process is safer, faster, and more cost effective than any other application method used in the past that consisted of manual squeegees and mixing the resin components with drills.   Highway agency requirements for short lane closures and less lane rental fees have often predicated specifications for automated applications only.   

HFST utilizes advanced polymer technology to bond high friction aggregate to the road surface. Using the customized HFST application truck, a two component thermoset epoxy/amine binder is blended and evenly applied to the clean, dry road surface. Immediately following the application of the film of epoxy, aggregate in sizes from 1 to 3 mm is evenly spread over the binder. The uniquely angular geometry of the aggregate provides for maximum holding power with the binder and also creates the high friction topography of the finished surface. This aggressive finished surface is the most skid-resistant road surface available.



Interstate Road Management is a division of DBi of Hazleton, PA.  DBi provides a wide variety of highway, industrial and commercial service solutions, including road, vegetation, cleaning and asset management to clients ranging from governments to railroads, utilities and large industries throughout the world. 

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