A new era for China-Russia relationship in 2019

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The Tongjiang-Nizhneleninskoye cross-border railway bridge and the Heihe-Blagoveshchensk cross-border highway bridge are about to open to traffic and poised to significantly facilitate the movement of people and freight between the two giant neighbors.
The outgoing year marks the 70th anniversary of the diplomatic ties between the two sides, and has witnessed frequent meetings between Xi and Putin as the two heads of state are at the helm of the countries' friend "ship" and have charted out its future course.
In a highlight of their interactions, Xi and Putin laid a new milestone in China-Russia relations by signing a joint statement in Moscow in June on elevating bilateral ties to a comprehensive strategic partnership of coordination for a new era.
The goal of such a new kind of partnership is for both sides to give more support to each other as they pursue their own development paths, preserve respective core interests, and protect sovereignty and territorial integrity.
To build that partnership, the two sides have vowed to closely coordinate with each other in aligning their development strategies, expand mutually beneficial cooperation in trade and investment, and further expand overall bilateral ties.
No matter how external conditions change, closer-than-ever China-Russia ties will bring concrete benefits to the people across entire Eurasia and serve as a strategic stabilizer in a world fraught with risks and uncertainties.

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