Floating Installation of E6 Immersed Tube in Island and Tunnel Project of Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge Was Successfully Finished



Floating installation of E6 Immersed Tube in island and tunnel project of Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge was successfully finished at 21:30, November 23, 2013. It took about 16 hours to float the immersed tubes and finish the hydraulic pressure welding. The immersed tube tunnel has been 945 meters till now. E6 immersed tube is the fourth standard socket in island and tunnel project, 180 meters long, 37.95 meters wide, 11.4 meters high, about 78000 tons of displacement, more than 30 meters deep sink drain. At 6:10 on November 23rd, E6 immersed tube was took out of the dock entrance by shift system and began to undertake towage formation. At 8:30, the floating ships headed for mooring area slowly under the escort of Guangdong maritime bureau warned ship and towing by 8 horsepower tug.

The fleet arrived at E6 immersed tube mooring area at 13:30, then began the close system installation and demolition of GINA water-stop shielding. The mooring operation was completed at 16:50. Then preparatory work for immersed tube ground move and lowered began with synchronization of pressurized water.

E6 began to move ground at 18:00 and was slowly approaching the installed E5 immersed tube stern under the ground shift system. At 19:45, immersed tube GINA water-stop tip began to implement socket implantation from steel side shell of 0.5 m, 2.7 m from the bottom of the sea bed. Four anchor machines of "Tianjin Ann 3" and "Jin Ann 2" synchronously put down the cable and the E6 immersed tube landed. Through close jacks and hydraulic pressure, hydraulic pressure was completed, thus the E6 immersed tube was finished installation. Through measurement, quality of immersed tube installation complies with the design requirements.

Translated and edited by Nessy Liu

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