Jiujiang Yangtze River Highway Bridge Is Open to Traffic Today



Jiujiang Yangtze River Highway Bridge is open to traffic today. The bridge is composed of three parts, engineering, river bridge project, the north shore of the cross, a total length of 25.145 km, of which: the south shore 11.549 km long, cross river bridge length of 5.53 kilometers, the two part by the Jiangxi province is responsible for construction; connection of North 8.301 kilometers long, is responsible for the construction of Hubei province.
Six lanes in two directions are designed with speed of 100km/hour. It is one of the 70 bridges over the Yangtze River Highway channel in 2004 July the national development and Reform Commission preliminary plan, also is an important part of "7918" national highway network planning in Fuzhou to Yinchuan line. Completion of the project will alleviate traffic pressure and has a vital significance to improve the highway network, to strengthen economic and social contact between Hubei and Jiangxi Provinces, to speed up the Yangtze River Economic Belt along the Yangtze River development and construction
Translated and edited by Nessy LIU
Photo from www.news.cn

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