Xiamen-Zhangzhou Cross-sea Bridge officially opened to traffic



The Xiamen-Zhangzhou Cross-sea Bridge officially opened to traffic on May 28th , and the toll fee for sedan cars is 25 yuan (about 4 US dollars). 
With a designed speed of 100 km/h, the double-direction 6-lane cross-sea bridge will shorten the travel time from Xiamen’s Haicang District to Zhangzhou’s harbor district to half an hour, one-quarter of the previous two-hour drive. 
The main toll gate, which is shaped like a Minnan-style traditional house, is located on Haimen Islet. The highway features both manual toll collection and an Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) system. 
Pedestrians, motorbikes/e-bikes and other motor vehicles with a maximum speed below 70 km/h are prohibited from the bridge. 
An intercity bus service from Zhangzhou Development Zone to Haicang District will also be launched on the same day the Xiamen-Zhangzhou Cross-sea Bridge opens. 
The intercity bus will depart from Xiamen University’s Zhangzhou Affiliated Middle School, pass Zhangzhou Campus of Xiamen University (South Gate, North Gate), Nanpaobai Park, Zhangzhou Development Zone Management Committee (Huashang Hotel), Taishan Road and Zhaoshang Avenue Intersection, Zhaoshang Water, Xiamen-Zhangzhou Cross-sea Bridge, Haicang Qingjiao, and arrive at Haicang Bus Terminal. 
The intercity bus will run hourly from 6:30am to 22:00pm, and the bus fare is set at 5 yuan. 
Information from www.whatsonxiamen.com


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