Main Bridge Closure of the Highest Low-pylon Cable-stayed Bridge, Najin Bridge in Lhasa




Main bridge of the highest extradosed cable-stayed bridge, Najin Bridge in Lhasa City in the world, finished closure, which indicates the successful completion of main project of the bridge.
As the No. 1 Bridge in Lhasa City, the Najin Bridge is also one of 188 key projects in the eleven “Five Year Plan” in Tibet Autonomous Region. The bridge is composed of three parts, main bridge, the north and south approach bridges with 6 lanes in two directions and the earthquake resistance fortification intensity is 8 degrees. It is a three-pylon extradosed cable-stayed bridge with span arrangement of (70+117+117+70)m.
Initially, there are three design proposals for the bridge, namely continuous girder bridge, cable-stayed bridge with low towers and cable-stayed bridge with single tower, and the estimated cost of the project is 379 million yuan RMB.
White towers, prayer wheels, and prayer flags will be used as imagery materials in the construction to embody the unique Tibetan ethnic customs, according to the designer of the bridge, Jiangsu Provincial Communication Planning and Design Institute.

Both the designers and the assessment team prefer the second proposal, holding that the three low towers match well with the traditional Tibetan styles and could better interpret the Tibetan culture.

Upon completion, the bridge will become Tibet's first one with ethnic characteristics demonstrated in construction.
Translated and edited by Nessy. Photos are from Xinhua Net and Newcn.net.

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