Zhuhai Bridge Will be Open to Traffic in Two Directions on February 5



It is known from the reinforcement project department of Zhuhai Bridge that the bridge will be open to traffic in two directions on February 5 in accord with the original plan after the last reinforcement construction of the right side.
Unbonded tendons construction has begun from January 15, which will increase the bearing capacity of the bridge. It will take about 10 days for unbounded tendons and then 5-6 days for grouting. The reason that the other side of the bridge should be closed during construction is that substantial shake is not allowed during unbonded tendons. The deck has been cleaned and guards railing are replaced, which is harmonious with railings in the left side. 95% of the bridge in the right side has been finished till now.
Translated and editd by Nessy.Photo from Internet.

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