Xiangshan Port Bridge Will Be Open at Twelve o'clock Midnight of December 28





Xiangshan Port Bridge will be open twelve o'clock midnight of December 28. It is reported that Xiangshan Port Bridge and its linking project is an important part of the coastal highway (Ningbo-Taizhou-Wenzhou double-tracking railway section) construction of the planned highway and waterway transport construction in Zhejiang Province during the 11th Five-year Plan period.
The 47 kilometer-long bridge, with a total investment of 6.887 billion yuan, links the eastern section of the ring highway of Ningbo and the planned Zhejiang coastal freeway between Yunlong Intersection Bridge and Daigang Village. Upon completion, the bridge will completely change the Xiangshan Island's peripheral status in traffic, by including it in the half-hour economic circle of Ningbo, two-hour economic circle of Hangzhou and three-hour economic circle of Shanghai.

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