The Fourth Nanjing Bridge Opens to Traffic Today




The Fourth Nanjing Bridge opens to traffic today. Now there are 9 river-crossing bridges in Jiangsu Province, among which 4 are over Nanjing district. It is reported that the fourth bridge will connect the east-north circle of Nanjing City, forms a 166-kilometer-circle around Nanjing, which is previously “C”.
No transit vehicles need to enter Nanjing City after the bridge opens to traffic. That also enlarges the developing space of Nanjing City from 243 square kilometers to 1459 square kilometers. This circle connects several districts such as Xianlin New District, Dongshan New City, Banqiao New City, Pukou District, Dachang and Liuhe economic development zone, which is more convenient for interchanges between districts. Additionally, it provides another way for connections between highways and decreases pressure of the Second Yangtze River Bridge.
Translated and edited by Nessy
Photos taken by Xinhua/Zhou Haijunon Dec. 19 shows the Nanjing Yangtze Fourth Bridge before open to traffic.

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