Approach bridge of Jiashao Bridge over the North Shore Water Area Closed



Approach bridge of Jiashao Bridge over the north shore water area closed on the morning of 12nd December. The 5-kilometer approach bridge in the north has been finished which makes good preparations for the open of Jiashao Bridge.
Project of Jiashao Bridge includes approach bridges over the south and north land and water area and bridge in the main channel. Tender Ⅶ contains approach bridge over the north water area and superstructure of the north sub-channel. 70-meter prestressed concrete continuous rigid frame with the equal spans were constructed by precast assembly method except the north sub-channel. There are totally 2878 continuous rigid frames, all precast with short-line method and erected with bridge girder erection machine.
89% of the whole project has been finished by the end of this November. Now the approach bridges and six towers of the main channel completed. 55.6% of the steel box girders are erected, indicates the finial process of bridge construction.
Translated and edited by Nessy

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