Yuzhong Tunnel Connecting Twin River Bridge Began Construction



At Cangbai road, construction site of Yuzhong Tunnel connecting Twin River Bridge, 130-ton cantilever heading machine began trial drilling and digging after one-week erection. The tunnel is predicted to be finished and connect the Dongshuimen and Qiansimen Bridge in 2014 due to housing demolition and relocation.
The deepest location of the tunnel is 34 meters underground, which will connect Dongshuimen Bridge to the south crossing Shanxi Road, the No. 1 People’s Hospital of Chongqing, Xinhua Road, connect Qiansimen Bridge to the north crossing Minzu Road, Cangbai Road, etc. The tunnel is a curved one with two lanes in each direction. The left and right tunnels are 720 and 711 meters separately.
Staff of the construction company, Chongqing Juneng Construction Group Zhonghuan Company introduced that blasting method  will be less used in underground construction considering safety of the high-rising buildings. Besides, the tunnel of track 6 is close to the Yuzhong Tunnel, which is only 4.4 centimeters between bottom of the tunnel and the top of the track 6. Therefore digging of heading machine and hand excavation will be utilized simultaneously. The restricted blasting method will be used which reduces the speed from 2 centimeters per second to 1 centimeter per second, largely lessens force of impact and increases safey.
“Another difficulty is how to reduce sewage disposal and dust extraction.”Project manager said. A sedimentation tank will be built at the entrance of the tunnel which pumps sewage to the tank for sedimentation and to the treatment after defecation.
Besides, a 300-square meter, 12-meter-high“cover “made of canvas and colorbond will cover the entrance which avoids dust and reduces noise. Workers will wear dusk masks and dustproof machine will be erected at the end of heading machine to absorb the dust in excavation.

Translated and edited by Nessy Liu
Photos from Chongqing Daily

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