Nanjing No.4 Yangtze River Bridge Will be Open to Traffic in late November



                     Blue lines indicate the current ring roads, and the red one is the "big outer ring".
                                                                   Photo :jschina.com.cn  

Nanjing No.4 Yangtze River Bridge, the channel across the Yangtze River in the “second ring” of Nanjing’s urban planning and construction, is located near the Qixia Mountain in Nanjing and about 20.5 kilometers away from the Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge in the upper stream.

It is a 33-meter-wide suspension bridge with twin towers and three bridge spans, adopting the standard of two-way, six-lane super highways. The bridge starts from Henglianghutong, east of Hengliang town in Liuhe District, and its destination is Qilin town in Jiangning District.

Nanjing No.4 Yangtze River Bridge closed smoothly before January 30, 2012, over one month ahead of schedule. Now it is under testing of mechanical facilities and construction of second round plant engineering. Multiple preparations have been done before open to traffic in the late November.

When Nanjing No.4 Yangtze River Bridge opens to traffic simultaneously with the Northeast ring of the super highway around Nanjing in November 2011, the “big outer ring” of Nanjing will become a closed circuit. Cars going across the Yangtze River through Nanjing will not have to go into the city in an effort to further relive the traffic pressure of urban Nanjing.

The big outer ring will expand Nanjing’s developable urban area to about 800 square kilometers, over 10 times more than that of the old city.

Source partly from:jschina.com.cn  

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