Nanchang Chaoyang Bridge Began Construction



Nanchang Chaoyang Bridge began construction on the morning of 18 October. It will be opened to the traffic in 2014. It is a double level bridge both for vehicles and pedestrian, the second double level bridge in Jiangxi, and also the fifth in the world.

Chaoyang Bridge will be located between Nanchang Bridge and Shengmi Bridge. It is about 2.5 kilometers far from Nanchang Bridge and 3.5 kilometers far from Shengmi Bridge, connecting Chaoyang New City and Hongjiaozhou Area. The Chaoyang Bridge will be about 1560 meters long, including the main part and the approach bridge. The main part of the bridge is 720-meter long, 38.5-meter wide with four lanes in two directions.

Photo from Dajiang Net.

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