Jiashao Bridge Rises to the Occasion


Construction of the bridge demonstrates the nation's improvements with infrastructure construction in the strong tide area


Construction of Jiashao Bridge over Hangzhou Bay started on Dec 14, 2008. It comes after Hangzhou Bay Bridge was built. The eight-lane bridge spans 10 km long from Haining county, Jiaxing to Shangyu county, Shaoxing in Zhejiang province.Its designed speed is 100 km/h, which could reduce the driving time from 3 hours to 1.5 hours from Shanghai to Shaoxing.

Hangzhou Bay in China, Amazon River Mouth in South America and the Ganges River Mouth in India have the strongest sea tides in the world. Among the three strong tide areas, only Hangzhou Bay has bridges built. The highest tide range of Qiantang River Mouth can rise up to 9 meters high, while its current velocity can go faster than 7.5m/s, which is stronger than mountain torrents.

The climate of the construction area is usually volatile. Its construction demonstrates the nation's improvements with infrastructure construction.


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