Incremental Launching of Main Bridge of Taohuayu Yellow River Bridge




Steel box girders of main bridge of Wu West Expressway Taohuayu Yellow River Bridge were launched across temporary pier 6﹟at 16:25, July 29.
The main bridge of Taohuayu Yellow River Bridge in Henan Province is a two-tower and three-span self-anchored suspension bridge with span arrangement (160+406+160) m. The stiffening girder was erected by the one-way, multi-point and synchronous incremental launching controlled by computer system. 82% of incremental launching has been finished by now after optimization and shortening lifting time, which is predicted to be totally completed at the end of this October.
The bridge began construction in March, 2010. About 30 minutes will be saved between Jiaozuo and Zhengzhou, which makes the bridge an important tourism passageway.


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