Superstructure Installation Started for Ma’anshan Bridge



By now, the middle tower and side towers of the left branch of suspension bridge have been successfully capped and anchoring work has been substantially completed. Tower column is now under construction for the right branch of cable stayed bridge and superstructure construction has started for the approach bridge.

On January 11, 2012, the upstream and downstream T21 sections for the middle tower were hoisted and the steel column of the middle tower was successfully capped. During the 88 days for erecting the standard sections of the steel tower, the project department ensured the installation of the steel tower on schedule by overcoming technical problems such as steel-concrete overlapping construction, construction of steel tower girder consolidation section and installation of standard sections for the steel tower.

On January 18, the ceremony was held for the leading cable crossing the river, indicating the successful completion of the lower structure construction and beginning of the superstructure installation.

Ma’anshan Bridge Construction Headquarters


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