The 4th Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge



From 3rd December 2011, when the box girder of the deck in the central span was hoisted, to 10th January 2012, 136 sections of steel box girders had been hoisted in 37 days. The total number is up to 144, with 8 sections of girders hoisted earlier in the hanger-free area.. 8 sections were hoisted daily at the fastest speed.

The closure of steel box girder deck of the 4th Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge symbolized that the construction has entered the final stage. Welding of the steel-box girders began on February 1, and by now 20% of the welding for steel deck been completed. Meanwhile, “S-type” wire wrapping and anti-corrosion coating are now under processing for the main cable. Per schedule, the welding work for the whole bridge is expected to be completed in April 2012.

Then, upon completion of anti-corrosion work for the main cable, catwalk will be removed in early June and pavement work on the deck will be started  at the end of June. It is planned to complete the bridge loading test and acceptance inspection for hand over at the end of November, so the bridge is ready for opening to traffic. Additionally, major works for the south-north connection to  the bridge have been completed and the asphalt pavement will soon be placed along the whole alignment.

In 2011, the investment for the 4th Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge was RMB 1.903 billion, being 136% of the annual plan. The accumulated investment thus become approximately RMB 5.35 billion in total.

The 4th Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge Construction Headquarters

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