Ai'zhai Bridge Opened to Traffic




On 31st March 2012, the Aizhai Bridge,  the world's highest and longest tunnel-to-tunnel suspension bridge with main span of 1,176 meters, opened to traffic in Hunan province in China. Located deep in the heart of China’s Hunan Province near the city of Jishou, it is the largest structure on the Jishou to Chadong expressway, elevated 355 meters above Dehang Canyon. The bridge will  ease the traffic jams which are common in the mountainous area with  narrow, steep and winding roads.


Construction of AiZhai bridge started in Oct 2007. The deck is 355m above the bottom of the Canyon. The bridge has four innovative features: large main span of 1176m; no connection between pylon and deck girder; first time to use rock anchor structure and carbon fiber as prestressed reinforcement; and first time to apply so called "sliding method" to install the deck girder.


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