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The Fifteenth East Asia-Pacific Conference on Structural Engineering & Construction

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Call for Papers & Special Sessions

Call for Papers
All the prospective authors are invited to sign up and upload paper abstracts/papers through the conference website.

Special Sessions
Authors who want to organize special sessions for the conference, please follow the instructions on the conference website. You can select a topic of your session within the scope of the conference. A typical session consists of one leading paper and five regular papers.
The session organizer with quality session papers may be considered as scientific committee members of the conference. The registration fee of the session organizers will be returned in cash.

Special Issues
A special issue in the International Journal of Structural Stability and Dynamics (IF=1.028) will be arranged to publish 12-14 selected conference papers.
A special issue in Engineering Structures (IF=1.892) is still under arrangement.
Each special session can nominate one paper to be considered in the special issue.

Important Dates (Subject to change):
First Announcement:   March 15, 2016
Deadline for Special Session Proposal:   December 15, 2016
Deadline for Submission of Abstracts:   January 15, 2017
Deadline for Submission of Full Papers:   May 31, 2017
Conference Dates:   October 11-13, 2017
Conference Language
English is the official language in the conference. Papers are to be written and presented orally in English.

Registration (Tentative):
Full Participants:   USD 500 (Including Banquet)
Students:     USD 200 (+50 if including Banquet)
Accompany Persons:   USD 180 (Including Banquet

Department of Bridge Engineering
School of Civil Engineering, Tongji University
Email: easec15@tongji.edu.cn        Tel:+86(021) 65980952

Conference Topics

Analytical and Design Methods
Artificial Neural Networks
Bridge Engineering
Composite Material/Structures
Computational Mechanics
Concrete Technology
Construction Management
Construction Techniques
Deep Tunnel
Disaster Prevention
Earthquake Engineering
Experimental Methods
Fire Resistance Design
Forensic Engineering and Case studies
Green Energy
Innovations in Structural Design
Long Span Bridges
Maintenance, Repairs and Rehabilitation
Nano-scale Mechanics
New Construction Materials
Nonlinear Structures
Plates and Shells
Safety and Reliability
Soil Structures Interaction
Standards and Codes of Practice
Steel Technology
Structural and Solid Mechanics
Structural Dynamics
Structural Health Monitoring
Structural Stability
Sustainable Buildings
Tall Buildings
Wind Engineering

Conference Venue
Sofitel Xi’an (Sofitel Xi’an on Renmin Square) is located right in the heart of city wall, within walking distance to the historic Bell and Drum Towers and the Moslem Street adjacent to modern shopping and entertainment areas.
Address: 319 Dong Xin Street, Xi’an, Shaanxi 710004, China
Website: www.Sofitel.com

About Xi’an City
Xi’an is the capital of Shaanxi province, located in the northwest of the People’s Republic of China. As one of the oldest cities in China, Xi’an was known as Chang’an before the Ming dynasty. The city is the oldest of the Four Great Ancient Capitals of China, having held the position under several of the most important dynasties in Chinese history, including Zhou, Qin, Han, Sui, and Tang. Xi’an is the starting point of the Silk Road and home to the Terracotta Army of Emperor Qin Shi Huang. Xi’an is internationally famous as home to China’s most revered ancient relics. Considered a “natural museum” with its abundance of historical and cultural treasures Xi’an beckons tourists from all over the world.

The East Asia-Pacific Conference on Structural Engineering and Construction (EASEC)  conference was firstly held in Bangkok during January 15-17, 1986. Thereafter, the conference has been held in Thailand, China, Korea, Australia, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong, and Vietnam. The objective of this conference is to provide a forum for professional structural and construction engineers and researchers to present recent progress in research and development, and also to report implementation of new tools and technologies in practical applications.

The EASEC-15 Conference will be held on October 11-13, 2017 at Xi’an, China.

Tongji University, China
Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology, China

Supporting Organizations
Chinese Academy of Engineering
National Science Foundation of China
State Key Laboratory for Disaster Reduction in Civil Engr.
China Civil Engineering Society
China Highway and Transportation Society
Architectural Society of China
China Steel Construction Society
China Construction Metal Structure Association
Tsinghua University
Harbin Institute of Technology
Zhejiang University
Southeast University
Journal of Frontier of Structural and Civil Engineering
Bridge Magazine
To be added and confirmed!

International Steering Committee
Chairmen Emeritus
Karasudhi, P., Thailand
Okamura, H., Japan
Kanok-Nukulchai, W., Thailand
Fujino, Y., Japan
Kitipornchai, S., Australia
Yang, Y.B., China
General Secretary
Lam, H.F., Hong Kong, China
Chen, C.S., Chinese Taipei
Chen, Y.Y., China
Chiu, G., USA
Han, L.H., China
Hao, H., Australia
Hoang, N., Vietnam
Hoedajanto, D., Indonesia
Koh, H.M., Korea
Lee, H.E., Korea
Leu, L.J., Chinese Taipei
Loo, Y.C., Australia
Maekawa, K., Japan
Matsumoto, T., Japan
Niwa, J., Japan
Okui, Y., Japan
Pan, T.C., Singapore
Rojahn, C., USA
Sun, L.M., China
Swaddiwudhipong, S., Singapore
Torero, J. Australia
Ueda, T., Japan
Wang, C.M., Singapore
Warnitchai, P., Thailand
Ye, L.P., China

International Advisory Committee
Xiang, Haifan, China
Xu, Zhixin, China
Chen, Shaofan, China
Chen, Zhengqing, China
Chen, Zhaoyuan, China
Cheng, Gengdong, China
Choi, Dong-Ho, Korea
Du, Yanliang, China
Feng, Maorun, China
Fontana, Mario, Switzerland
Frangopal, Dan, USA
Gilbert, Ian, Australia
Gu, Ming, China
Gu, Xianglin, China
Ito, Manabu, Japan
James, Brownjohn, United Kindom
Li, Guoqiang, China
Lu, Xilin, China
Mahin, Stephen, USA
Nie, Jianguo, China
Nishino, Akiyo, Japan
Ou, Jingping, China
Yen, Phillip W., USA
Qin, Shunquan, China
Richard, Liew, Singapore
Shen, Zuyan, China
Subbarao, Harshavardhan, India
Sun, Jun, China
Wang, Jingquan, China
Xiao, Xuwen, China
Xie, Lili, China
Xu, Youlin, Hong Kong, China
Zhai, Wanming, China
Zhang, Feng, China
Zhang, Guozheng, Chinese Taibei
To be added and confirmed!

Scientific Committee
Chen, Yiyi, China
Han, Linhai, China
Fang, Cheng, China
Lu, Xinzheng, China
Briseghella, Bruno, China
Cao, Yinghong, USA
Cheung, SaiOn, Hong Kong, China
Duan, Yuanfeng, China
Ge, Yaojun, China
Ge, Hanbin, Japan
Guo, Anxin, China
Hoang, Nam, Vietnam
Kim, Jaeyoung, Korea
Li, Hui, China
Li, Bing, Singapore
Phoon , K.K, Singapore
Su, Dan, USA
Torero, Jose, Australia
Wang, Chunsheng, China
Wang, Wei, China
Xia, Yong, HongKong SAR, China
Xiao, Jianzhuang, China
Xie, Hongbing, China
Yuan, Yong, China
Zhang, Fengliang, China
Zhang, C.C, Hong Kong, China
Zhao, Xianzhong, China 
To be added and confirmed!

Organizing Committee
Hao, Jiping, XAUAT
Sun, Limin, Tongji Univ.
Xia, Ye, Tongji Univ.
Zhong, Weihui, XAUAT
Dai, Kaoshan, Tongji Univ.
Huang, Hongwei, Tongji Univ.
Jiang, Huanjun, Tongji Univ.
Lam, H. F., HongKong City Univ.
Qiu, Bizhen, XAUAT
Wu, Qian, XAUAT
Wang, Xiaofeng, XAUAT
Turmo, Jose, UPC
Wu, Qian, XAUAT
Yang, Jipeng, Tongji Univ.
Yang, Zhigang, Tongji Univ.
Yu, Jinguang, XAUAT
Zhao, Xianzhong, Tongji Univ.
To be added and confirmed!

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