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The China-Korea Workshop on Concrete Arch Bridges was successfully held in Fuzhou City


In Fuzhou city, the Chinese-Korean Workshop on Concrete Arch Bridges has been successfully organized by the Sustainable and Innovative Bridge Engineering Research Center of Fujian, China (SIBERC)and Korean Concrete Institute (KCI) from Nov. 24 to Nov. 25, 2012.
The Korean delegation, headed by Professor ManYop HAN from Korean Concrete Institute, was warmly greeted by the host Prof. Dr. Baochun CHEN, the dean of the college of civil engineering in Fuzhou University of China. Over 35 scholars and engineers from China and Korea attended the workshop.

The workshop was opened in the afternoon on Nov.24, and then followed by 9 wonderful presentations. In this colloquium, Chinese and Korean scholars and engineers exchanged information, experiences and major achievements made in the field of technical science emphasizing on arch bridges. Wider and deeper exchange and cooperation are expected for more scholars and engineers all over the world.

                                                                              Workshop Scene

                                                          Speaker-Prof. Baochun CHEN (China)

                                                    Speaker–Prof. ManYop HAN (Korea)

                                            In presentation- Prof. Baochun CHEN(China)

                                        In presentation- Prof. Man Yop HAN (Korea)

                                                In presentation – Prof. Tinmin MU(China)

                                     In presentation–Engineer Guanghui CHEN(China)

                                         In presentation–Prof. Jongsung SIM (Korea)

                                        In presentation – Prof. Zhongchu TIAN(China)

                                        In presentation – Prof. Maofang CHEN(China)

                                             In presentation–Inho HWANG (Korea)

                                                         Exchanging & Discussing

                                               Exchanging & Discussing

                                                          Group photo of participants

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