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Taizhou Yangtze River Bridge Opened to Traffic on November 25



Taizhou Yangtze River Bridge opened to traffic in a rainy day on November 25. About 1000 persons attended the anniversary in rain.
Medias in Taizhou, Zhenjiang and Changzhou reported the anniversary on live picture. Experts were invited to the television station to illustrate technical details, also telling stories during bridge construction.
The bridge is the key part of freeway network in Jiangsu Province which connects the “Beijing to Shanghai”, “Shanghai to Shanxi” and “Shanghai to Chengdu” national freeways, playing an important role in connecting and assisting the freeway network in Yangtze River delta and Jiangsu Province. The total length of Taizhou Bridge is 62.088km, starting from the Xuanbao hinge of “Nanjing to Nantong” freeway and ending at Tangzhuang hinge of “Shanghai to Nanjing” freeway. The whole line is designed by freeway codes with six lanes in two directions, and the width of the bridge deck is 33 m. The main bridge crossing the Yangtze River is a continuous two-span suspension bridge with the main span of 1 080 meters, which is realized for the first time in the world.
Translated and edited by Nessy Liu

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