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The 4th International Bridge Science & Technology Forum(2012) held in Wuhan

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On November 21st, two days of " the 2012 International Forum of Science and Technology was held in Wuhan. There are more than 400 people including leaders of all levels, the authoritative experts, scholars of the bridge industry was gathered in the bridge forum. The theme of the forum was "responsibility, inheritance, innovation". The representatives participating in the forum discussed the latest developments and research results in the industry and the affairs of the development plans for the bridge.

Later in the afternoon of 21st, the 4th Wuhan International Bridge Technology Forum Press Conference was held at the Shangri-La Hotel. Media from the Xinhua News Agency, People's Daily, CCTV and more than 20 medium from central, provincial and city level attended the conference. Man-Chung Tang, from American Academy of Engineering and Chinese Academy of Engineering, Michel Virlogeux, the Vice Chairman of International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering, also from French Engineering Academy, and other Chinese and foreign bridge experts attending the conference answered the question from the medium. The Conference was hosted by Hu Hanzhou, the general manager of China Zhongtie Major Bridge Engineering Group.
On the Conference, reporters asked questions around the hot topics of future development of Chinese Bridge Industry, Chinese bridge industry go onto the World Stage, Bridge Aesthetics, Safety and Maintenance. Experts answered questions brought by the journalists under a warm atmosphere.

Mr. Feng Maorun

Mr. Man-Chung Tang


Mr. Li Yadong

Mr. Su Quanke

Mr. Qin Shunquan

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