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First Bridge of the Yangtze River Celebrates 55th Birthday


                                                   The Wuhan Yangtze Great Bridge [File Photo]
Wuhan (CNS) -- The Wuhan Yangtze Great Bridge, often referred to as the "First Bridge of the Yangtze River," marked its 55th anniversary on Monday.
The bridge has survived floods, high winds and 70 collisions. The most serious accident occurred on June 6, 2011, when a 10,000-ton class oil tanker hit Pier 7, leaving scratches and some other problems.
The double-deck road and rail bridge crosses the river in Wuhan, capital of central China's Hubei Province. Its upper level is a two-way, four-lane automobile highway, while its lower level serves as a double-track railway on the Beijing-Guangzhou line.
Construction of the bridge began in September 1955 and was completed in October 1957. It extends 1.6 kilometers from Turtle Hill in Hanyang on the northern bank of the river to Snake Hill in Wuchang on the southern bank.
The bridge has received a comprehensive and detailed "health check" every 10 years. According to experts, its piers are designed to withstand 60,000 tons, flooding at a flow rate of 100,000 cubic meters per second, and earthquakes up to magnitude 8.
The amount of automobile traffic across the bridge reportedly reaches nearly 100,000 every day.
Source: CNS.

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