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The Third Chinese-Croatian Joint Colloquium on Long Arch Bridge



The Third Chinese-Croatian Joint Colloquium on Long Arch Bridges & Investigation of Bridges in Eastern Europe, co-organized by University of Zagreb – Faculty of Civil Engineering, Fuzhou University – College of Civil Engineering, and BRIDGE Magazine (China) completed successfully on July 21th, 2011.

On July 15th and 16th, the Colloquium was held in Croatia with the attendees from Croatia, Italy, Austria and China. According to the meeting agenda, Doctor Jure Radic, Ph.D., General Manager of Institute IGH and Head of Bridge Department at the Faculty of Civil Engineering - Zagreb, chaired the opening ceremony that was hosted by Professor Zlatko Šavor, Director of Department of Structural Engineering, University of Zagreb in Croatia. Professor Chen Baochun, the head of College of Civil Engineering in Fuzhou University, presented a keynote speech - Trial Design and Model Test for Reactive Powder Concrete (RPC) Arches. On the afternoon of the day, Doctor Lutz Sparowitz, an emeritus professor of Institute for Structural Concrete, Graz University of Technology, Professor Zlatko Savor, and Mr. Xu Yong, Vice Chief Engineer of 2nd China Railway Engineering Group Co., Ltd, presented respectively another three keynote-speeches with the following titles: Wild Bridge –A Sustainable Arch Mode of UHPFRC, Failures of Arch Bridges -- Causes, Lessons Learned and Prevention, and Design of Beipanjiang Bridge and Nanpanjiang Grand Bridge on the High-Speed Railway. After the key-note sessions, numerous papers of bridges researches had been presented by their authors in details, among which, the presentation entitled Continuation of Repair and Protection Works on the Krk Bridge by Professor Jelena Beliziffer, Head of Structure Management Department of Institute IGH, attarcted broad attention. During the meeting, attendees also visited a couple of laboratories of Institute IGH, including the national civil work construction materials, masonry, structure, and water engineering etc.

On the 16th, attendees, together with Doctor Lutz Sparowitz and teachers from University of Zagreb, visited the world famous long span arch bridge -- Croatia Krk Bridge. The bridge comprises two  reinforced concrete arch bridges for road traffics and pipeline; the one that connects the Croatian mainland and its island St MK has the span of over 390m; the other that connects the island St MK to the island KrK is with the span of 244m. Invited by  Croatian colleagues, the Chinese delegation visited the Krk Island. While impressed by the design of the bridge, they did enjoy the exotic island and the beautiful scenic view around.

The focuses of the Joint Colloquium are academic meeting and investigation of bridges. On July 14th the delegation also visited a couple of bridges that across Danube River, such as Hungary Budapest's Chain Bridge and Elizabeth Bridge. While appreciating the European arts that presented by these bridges, they did study and discuss the technical details of these bridges’ structures.
On July 17th, Chinese delegation visited Wilder Bridge Volkermarkt (Austria). The bridge’s designers, Professor Lutz Sparowitz and Doctor Welf Zimmermann, as well as Mr. Thomas Bolt, a bridge engineer, played the video materials regarding construction and maintenance of this bridge. They discussed technical details with the Chinese colleagues.

On 19th, led by the Engineer, Mr. Petr. Stefan, Chinese delegation visited the suspension arch bridge over Svratka River in Brno (Czech). The engineers of this bridge answered technical questions of the delegates.

During the tour, Chinese delegation also visited several famous European cities, such as Vienna in Austria, Prague in Czech, digging up culture and historic background. Being deeply infatuated with the beautiful natural scenery and the middle-age European architectures and arts, the delegates were reluctant to leave. Everybody agrees that the Colloquium did provide wonderful experiences from all respects.

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