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Academic Exchange of China-Russia Bridge Ended Successfully



As one project on construction of APEC hold in Vladivostok in September, 2012, Russia Island Bridge that crosses Bosporus Strait will deeply influence Russia and the Far East area, therefore, draws attentions of the whole world.

From 17th to 27th of August 2011, Academic Exchange of China-Russia Bridge, sponsored by BRIDGE Magazine and assisted by Russia Group of International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering, came to a happy ending. With keen interest in Russia Island Bridge, the delegation conducted communication with the representatives from construction and design companies of this bridge, and gained a deeper understanding about the construction, management, operation and inspection of the bridge.

The Board Chairman of USK MOST OJSC that undertakes construction of the bridge introduced that, "Russia Island Bridge is designed to sit in a place of complicated geography and adverse construction environment, with temperature ranging from -30℃ to +37℃. As the longest cable-stayed bridge in the world, it overcomes many challenges. Relative techniques were researched and developed to overcome problems occurred during construction. We hope to share them with the colleagues from China and promote more communications and co-operations"

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