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Aizhai Bridge


Aizhai Bridge
Type: Single-suspended-span suspension bridge with steel truss girder
Main span: 1176m
Location: Jishou, Hunan Province
Completion: 2012
Designer(s): Hunan Provincial Communications Planning, Survey & Design Institute
Contractor(s): Hunan Road & Bridge Construction Group Corporation
Aizhai Bridge is located on the highway from Jishou City to Chadong City, Hunan Province. It has four traffic lanes in dual direction. The main bridge is a single-suspended-span suspension bridge with a central span of 1176m. The bridge girder is a 7.5m deep steel truss. The hangers placed along the bridge at each 14.5m are made with wire ropes. The towers supported by the spread foundation are portal frame shape structures with different height of 129.316m for the tower in the Jishou side and 61.924m for the tower in the Chadong side. The anchor blocks in the Jishou side and in the Chadong side are a gravity anchorage and a rock tunnel anchorage, respectively. The main features of the bridge are: (1) The structure system of separated tower and main girder is adopted to reduce the work load on mountain excavation; (2) The application of CFRP anchor cables installed in the region without hangers increases the local structural stiffness; (3) The development of a new technique called flexible cable sliding method to solve the problem of transporting and launching the girders in a mountain area. This bridge was started in 2007 and opened to traffic in March, 2012.

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