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Runyang Highway Bridge over Southern Branch of the Yangtze River



Name: Runyang Highway Bridge over Southern Branch of the Yangtze River
Type: Single-suspended-span suspension bridge with steel box girder
Main span: 1490m
Location: Zhenjiang to Yangzhou, Jiangsu Province
Completion: 2005
Designer(s): Jiangsu Provincial Communications Planning and Design Institute Co., Ltd.
Contractor(s): CCCC Second Highway Engineering Co., Ltd.
                           CCCC Second Harbor Engineering Co., Ltd.
                           CCCC Third Harbor Engineering Co., Ltd.
Runyang Highway Bridge over the Yangtze River, having a total length of 35.66km and a deck width of 32.5m with six traffic lanes in dual direction, is located in Jiangsu Province connecting Yangzhou in the north bank and Zhenjiang in the south bank.
The main features of the bridge are the rigid central clamps applied on the main cable to improve the structural performance and to reduce the bending moment of short hanger rods; the central stabilizer plates to improve the wind-resistant stability; the construction catwalks without wind-resistant cables; and the development of a cable dehumidification system to improve the durability of main cables. Its south anchorage foundation is constructed using the large freezing piles retaining technology. Its north anchorage is a rectangular continuous wall supporting structure.

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