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West Bay Bridge in Macao




Name: West Bay Bridge in Macao
Type: Cable-stayed bridges with PC box deck
           Four PC continuous beam bridges with even girder depth
Length: 1825m
Location: Macao
Completion: 2004
Designer(s): China Railway Major Bridge Reconnaissance & Design Institute Co., Ltd.
Contractor(s): China Railway (Macao) Co., Ltd.
                           China Railway Major Bridge Engineering Group Co., Ltd.

West Bay Bridge in Macao with an overall length of 1825m is comprised of a cable-stayed main bridge and two side approach bridges. The bridge has two separate box decks arranged symmetrically. Each deck has a single one-room box cross section, and its top plate is 14.55mwide and contains three traffic lanes while its bottom plate is 8m wide and contains one traffic lane and one track of Light Rail Transit in the box.

A special diaphragm technique was adopted to realize the traffic in the deck box. Moreover, a kind of reasonable shear key and a separating technique of girder segments were developed for the precast construction.

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