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East Sea Bridge






Name: East Sea Bridge
Type: Two cable-stayed bridges with composite decks
          Some PC continuous box beam bridges
Length: 32.5km
Location: Shanghai
Completion: 2005
Designer(s): Shanghai Municipal Engineering Design Institute
                       China Railway Major Bridge Reconnaissance & Design Institute Co., Ltd.
                       CCCC Third Harbor Consultants Co., Ltd.

East Sea Bridge starts at Luchao Harbor of Nanhui District of Shanghai, and lands at the Yangshan Island after crossing the northeastern sea area of Hangzhou Bay. It is the sole land way channels of gathering and distributing transportation of the Yangsan Deep-Water Port of Shanghai International Shipping Center. The bridge is 32.5km in all, including a 3.7km-long land part, a 25.3km-long sea crossing part and a 3.5km-long link park to the port zone. The major factors considered in the alignment design of the sea-crossing part includes the inclination angle between the bride axis and the ocean current, the location and direction of sea-route, shortest bridge route and lowest investment, etc. The bridge has six traffic lanes plus two emergency lanes in dual directions. Its typical width is 31.5m, including the up and down dual decks.

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