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The Jiayue Bridge-2011 Bridge Award of Excellence



The Jiayue Bridge received 2011“Bridge Award of Excellence” from the American Segmental Bridge Institute (ASBI). The awards were presented at the ASBI 23rd Annual Convention 2011 held on November 7-8 in Washington, DC.
The new Jiayue Bridge crosses the Jialing River near the town of Yuelai, Chongqing in China. It is a signature “Y-shaped,” partially cable-supported girder bridge carrying six lanes of traffic on its upper deck and two pedestrian/bicycle paths beneath the roadway wing slab. With a main span of 820 ft, the aesthetically unique and economically constructed bridge represents a new landmark and is the latest in urban development efforts for Chongqing’s northern area. It completes the City’s road network, ensuring smoother, safer passage for all travelers, and complementing the surrounding landscape. The Owner of the Jiayue Bridge is the Chongqing Land Properties Group. TYLI was responsible for all design components of the bridge. The completed bridge was opened to traffic to great applause on February 11, 2010.

From T.Y. Lin International

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