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The Dagu Bridge, Tianjin, China


T.Y. Lin International was awarded the Eugene C. Figg Jr. Medal for the Dagu Bridge in 2006. This is an award for the unique, recent and outstanding achievement in bridge engineering in vision and innovation and providing an icon to the community for which it was designed.
The Dagu Bridge is composed of two arch ribs with different inclinations and dimensions.  Both arch ribs span 106 m and have a parabolic shape, one with a vertical height of 19 m and the other of 39 m. They are both a steel trapezoidal cross section with a constant soffit width of 0,9 m. The arch ribs are fully connected to the steel box girder deck, which can serve as the tie of the arch ribs. To increase the redundancy of the structural system, additional ties are provided with wire strand tendons placed inside the steel box. Two planes of suspenders are attached to each arch rib, one at the edge of the roadway and the other at the outside edge of the pedestrian walkways. With two inclined planes of suspenders tying each arch rib to the deck, the arch ribs could be made very slender and still possess the required stability. From IABSE

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