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The Lupu Bridge, Shanghai, China


The Lupu Arch Bridge, Shanghai, China, received the 2008 IABSE Outstanding Structure Award for being 'A soaring box-arch bridge with a record-breaking span, clean impressive lines, and innovative use of the side spans of the arch and the deck to resist the thrust of the main arch'.

Shanghai Lu Pu Bridge Investment Development Co., Ltd. was awarded the Eugene C. Figg Jr. Medal for the Lu Pu Bridge, China in 2004. This is an award for  the unique, recent and outstanding achievement in bridge engineering in vision and innovation and providing  an icon to the community for which it was designed.

The Lupu Arch Bridge, completed in 2003, crosses the Luban River and is located in the South of Shanghai. It is the key connection of the city’s north and south part, and is also the 7th river crossing facility in the Shanghai urban area. The project aimed to meet the growing requirement of traffic across the river, and to improve the traffic condition between Pudong International Airport and the city centre.

It is a three-span steel arch bridge including two side spans of 100 meters and the centre span of 550 meters. It has six lanes and two pedestrian walkways for sightseeing, and has the longest span of arch bridges in the world. Two inclined arch ribs are 100 meters high from the bottom to the crown. The cross section of arch ribs is a modified rectangular steel box with a width of five meters and a depth of 6 meters at the crown and of 9 meters at the base. The design of a half-through tied-arch bridge was chosen for applying to Shanghai’s soft soil foundation conditions.



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