BRIDGE Magazine (China), Bridge & Tunnel Industry Information, BRIDGE Website (Chinese) and BRIDGE Website (English) are dedicated to build a platform to serve people in the bridge industry for their convenience of academic exchange and technology communication.
BRIDGE Magazine (China) is a bi-monthly publication issued internationally. It is aiming at promoting scientific and technological development, inheriting bridge culture, offering the latest academic trends and practical achievement in the field of bridges. It reports design, construction, scientific research, supervision, management and culture of bridgework, reflecting technological innovation of bridge science and exhibiting aesthetic value of bridge culture.
Bridge&Tunnel Industry Information is a high-ended magazine staffed with economic information and business strategy for management personnel and experts of engineering system. It provides a platform for promoting business management philosophy and brand, letting the enterprises known and approached by engineers and designers.
BRIDGE Website (Chinese) is an industry medium which concentrates on serving bridge people with the purpose of promoting scientific development and inheriting bridge culture. Forum of BRIDGE Website has set up columns of technical exchange region, bridge information region to release new product and technology, and special region for bridge encyclopedia net etc., providing bridge people with a vast platform of information search and technical exchange. It also provides expert speech materials of conference and downloading of authoritative thesis.

BRIDGE Website (English) is aiming at introducing the latest industry news and the advancement of bridge construction in China and providing a platform for technical exchange.
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